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The logistics for our next monthly meeting scheduled for March 27, 2019 are still in the planning stages. The location, speaker and subject for the meeting will be posted once logistics are finalized. No meetings scheduled for November / December.

General Meeting Information...

Unless otherwise scheduled and/or notified, the first eight (of nine) monthly General Membership Meetings are held March through August on the last Wednesday of the month with the tenth and final meeting of the year on the last Wednesday in October. The evening customarily commences about 6 P.M. (1800 hrs) with a "Social Hour" and a "Dutch-treat" Dinner followed by the Membership Meeting. Meetings are held at the Kennon House Restaurant, 7001 Gasburg Rd. (Rt. 626, ½ mile east of Pea Hill Creek), Gasburg, VA 23857; Phone: (434) 577-2680. The public is invited and welcome to attend!

It is customary to hold a Pig Pickin' for our September meeting; however, for 2018 the Pig Pickin' was held on Oct 10, 2018. Logistics for the 2019 Pig Pickin' have yet to be finalized. Mark your calendars and come back to visit later for more details.

Customarily, no General Membership Meeting is held in November (conflicts with Thanksgiving holiday) or December (conflicts with the observation of Christmas and with the New Year's holiday).

LGWSC business meetings are open to the public. For more information, please contact President, Mike Klein at

Highlights from our 2017 June Meeting...

Major Chris Huebner, Legislative Liaison for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission addresses the June 28th monthly Lake Gaston Water Safety Council meeting at Keenan House. Chris addressed water safety issues and the legislative process. LGWSC President Mike Klein presents Chris a thank you memento after his comments.

Major Chris Huebner, Legislative Liaison for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Next Meeting Info

Membership Meeting
  • Date: March 27, 2019
  • Location: Kennon House - Gasburg, VA
  • Start Time: 5:30PM Social Hour
  • 6:00PM Dinner
  • 6:45PM Meeting Begins
  • Speaker: To Be Determined
  • Subject: To Be Determined

Contact Info

Lake Gaston Water Safety Council
PO Box 207
Henrico, NC 27842

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