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Your Board held its first meeting of the year on Thursday, January 11.   Committee assignments were confirmed and planning is underway for the 2024boating season.   

The Board will meet two more times before our first meeting of the season on Wednesday, March 27.   Yes, we will return to the Kennon House.  Stay tuned for more details.  

If you haven’t paid your 2024 membership dues, please do so now.  You can pay online or send a $10.00 check, payable to the Lake Gaston Water Safety Council, POB 207, Henrico, NC, 27842.  Your tax deductible donation helps the volunteer leadership continue with our water safety programs.   

If you at the lake now, you can hear the wind howling.  Dominion has announced they are in flood control.  From out friends at the LGA….


Over the past week, the Roanoke River watershed has received 6-8" of rainfall. Inflows into Kerr Lake continue to rise and are expected to peak in the next few days (depending on rain this Friday and next Tuesday) or later. Kerr Lake has risen 6' this week. 

Roanoke Rapids Lake is now beginning to increase releases. Anticipate high releases from Kerr and strong currents through the 3 reservoir system.

Dominion is operating Lake Gaston under flood control operations. Lake level may increase up to 201.5' above sea level (rainfall dependent). As of today at 8 am, the level was 199.7' above sea level.
Plan for the potential of high water and strong currents.


As I prepare this message we are experiencing a heavy wind day at the lake.  Surely anything not tied down this fall is long gone.  On the other hand, maybe you will inherit something new.  

Be careful early boaters who venture out after the storm.   It would not be unusual to find fallen trees floating in the lake.

Lastly, your board of directors will be holding our first board meeting Thursday, January 11, 2024.   It’s not too early to let a board member know if you have a speaker or topic for this summer.

Stay safe.





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