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Member Meeting Minutes – The Pig Pickin

October 27, 2021


Opening – 5:50PM


1. President Brian Goldsworthy welcomed members and guests to the general membership meeting, held at the Wildwood Point Community Center/Picnic Area.
2. Brian led the Pledge of Allegiance.
3. Wyatt Andrews gave a devotion.
4. There were at least 37 people in attendance.
5. Tare “T” Davis, Chairman of the Warren County Board of Commissioners was a guest at the function.



Business Meeting


A brief business meeting was held prior to the feast.


1. Brian, in his last meeting as President, announced the good news that he had found the missing gavel and the greater news that in 2021 there were no boating/water fatalities on Lake Gaston.


2. The LKGWSC Board has been doing some research into another location for our general membership meeting because of some noted concerns about the cost of dinner at the Kennon House Restaurant.  We currently pay $24/person for the buffet meal (including gratuity) at the Kennon House.


a. Littleton Food & Spirits has offered essentially the same price ($24/person) but with a reduced menu. The Board thought this was not a viable option,.


b. Susie has investigated meeting at the Lake Gaston Lions Den and having our meal catered.  


c. Brian discussed some issues the Board has raised if we did cater our meal, including: room setup and takedown, advanced RSVP and payments, administration of doing this monthly, and additional gratuity.


d. With these options available, Brian asked the membership present to vote whether they wished to continue meeting/dining at the Kennon House Restaurant or wanted to try the catering option.  There were 24 votes for staying with the Kennon House.  Several votes were raised for catering, but were not counted.  There was a large majority for the Kennon House.


3. Annual Elections.  The following individuals were presented to the membership as candidates for LGWSC Board positions;


a. President – Wyatt Andrews
b. Vice President – John Dyckman
c. Treasurer – Debbie Andrews
d. Secretary – Brian Goldsworthy (Jim Nold is retiring from the Board)
e. Director - Steve Harris
f. Director – Lew Stringer
g. Director – Lin Harbold (Director Elect)
h. Director – Susie Deschenes (Membership)
i. Ex Officio – Will Miller (Dominion)


A motion to elect all candidates by proclamation was made by Byron Waters and seconded by Debbie Andrews.  The motion passed unanimously.


The new Board was sworn in by Brian Goldsworthy.


4. As of today (per email to the Board) the LKGWSC checking account has a balance of $7,045.39.


5. 50:50: The drawing was won by Lin Harbold, who donated her winnings back to the LGWSC for a total 50:50 purse of $62.00.  Thank you Lin.



Pig Pickin


Thanks to Herb Harbold, with the help of Wyatt Andrews, for stepping up at the last minute and cooking the pork.  It was delicious.  Also, thanks to all members who “pot-lucked” the side dishes and desserts.   Special thanks to Susie Deschenes, along with Wyatt and Debbie, who did the lion’s share of purchasing and setting up for the picnic.



Respectively Submitted


Jim Nold, Secretary



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