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In 2023 the Lake Gaston Water Safety Council...


  • Used funds from Dominion Energy, Virginia Beach Utilities, and members, and partnered with USCG Aux, 911 Task Force, area VFDs, and VA & NC Wildlife, to provide safety awareness around Lake Gaston.
  • Provided over 50 new Yellow Lawn signs that are to be posted at ramps, businesses, along roads and at HOAs.
  • Had a Billboard erected at Eaton's Ferry Bridge to promote the Water Safety Council message.
  • Purchased 42 (and distributed 10) Life Jackets for the loaner program and worked with 9 area marinas/camp-grounds/businesses to have jackets available for the public.
  • Provided the USCG Auxiliary with Waterproof Outdoor Display Boxes to exhibit safety information at public boat ramps.
  • Updated and promoted our lkgwsc.org website.
  • Moved extra life jackets, signs, brochures, etc., to donated storage space provided by The Lake Gaston Association.
  • Updated and printed 6,500 brochures and maps for distribution.
  • Stuffed and distributed 1,000 brochure packets  to 18 realtors, businesses, and marina partners. These are given to renters and new home or boat buyers to provide water safety information.
  • Held 7 Membership meetings (with 7 presentations) and 10 Board meetings.
  • John 3:16 (C.A.R.E.) summer camp.
  • Assisted USCG Auxiliary with 6 presentations reaching over 130 campers and 8 counselors.
  • Serviced, washed, and prepped our Safety Trailer for set up at 6 public locations (including Youth Fire Camps and Open Houses), where we met over 400 people and distributed brochures, maps, wristbands and whistles.
  • Houses), where we met over 400 people and distributed brochures, maps, wristbands and whistles.
  • Administered the Get Home Safely program. We continue to provide Fire Extinguishers and Throwables to USCG. This program keeps the Coast Guard from escorting boats to dock and builds community.
  • Pleased to see the WSC-funded Viper radio in service with the Lake Gaston USCG Auxiliary to directly communicate with law enforcement, EMS, and Fire.


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Memberships are $5.00 per person - $10.00 per family $10.00 per Business.