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Wyatt Andrews speaks to the Joyceville Homeowners Association

On October 7th, Wyatt Andrews, President of the Lake Gaston Water Safety Counci,l spoke before members of the Joyceville Homeowners Association.

Wyatt brought the members up to date on the latest laws on Lake Gaston, updated the information for fire extinguishers and overall safe boating suggestions. The activities of the safety council were discussed and emphasis on the loaner program for both life jackets and fire extinguishers were a highlight of the information. He noted that proper fitting life jackets were very important and especially for children. He answered several questions about the various navigation buoys on the lake and who is responsible for them. He also clarified the process to follow for any person/community who wanted to investigate how to add “No Wake” buoys to their area.

He will provide signs to the community for display during the boating season. He encouraged the members to be involved with the organizations on the lake.

The membership expressed their appreciation for his time spent at the meeting.

Submitted by: Wally Sayko

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