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Just because we aren't meeting doesn't mean safety on the water isn't important   We continue to post water safety-related information on this web site    We hope you find this information useful.

Did you know  National Safe Boating Week is from May 16-22, 2020?  In years past we used to set up the Water Safety Trailer to commemorate the start of the week.  Sadly, Covid-19 has squashed this F2F event.  If you would like to learn more, please visit NationalSafeBoatingCouncil.org    

"A real boater is always ready for the water".   Wish I had thought of that sage advice.   Alas, it comes from the National Safe Boating Council but I'm sure they won't mind us borrowing it.  Comes to mind the adage what could possibly go wrong when enjoying a nice sunny day on the water.  Woe be to the captain and crew who forget this or fail to take notice of approaching weather, approaching boat traffic or a swimmer in the water.  

Some of you may have read the tragic story of a mom and son who jumped in a canoe to chase down a ball that had been kicked into the water.  In that case currents/wind swept the small boat a considerable distance from shore, the boat capsized, and both drowned.   We probably won't see that scenario on our lake but we all know what can happen either on a dock or on a boat.   Water can be fun which is why we live at or play on the water.  We always need to remember the downside if something happens to a child or an adult who ends up unexpectedly in the water.   Don't forget it's probably too late to put on that life jacket once you end up in the water.   

Speaking of life jackets, as a reminder the LG Water Safety Council offers free loaner life jackets, kids to adults at participating marinas for those unexpected visitors.  Click on the Safety tab at the top of the page and scroll down to Child's Loaner Life Jackets.

Please be safe out there.

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