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Someone asked us on Facebook to post something to remind boaters to be extra courteous this busy holiday week. For those not on Facebook, here it is. If you have some pet peeves about boater safety, send us an email.

Please, please be extra careful and be courteous out on the water this holiday week. The regulars know how busy the lake gets and first-time vacationers will quickly realize with all the boats and jet skis out on the water it will look like organized chaos; ok unorganized chaos. Please be mindful of the rules on the waterway. When in doubt best advice is to yield. I view an approaching boat with the assumption it's their first time on the water. This is not the week to see how fast your boat can go.

Remember you are responsible for your wake. Slow down in the coves and be respectful of the property owner's shoreline and boathouses. In NC, jet skis (PWC) must stay 100 feet from docks, shorelines and swimmers. In VA, it's 50 feet. It’s the law. When approaching a law enforcement boat engaged with another boater, slow down and give them a wide berth.

Wear the PDF and don’t drink and drive. To keep everyone on their toes I’d expect to see the USCG out there this weekend and they will be looking for operators driving their boat in a reckless fashion and operators drinking and driving.

When approaching any No Wake zone, that means no wake before passing the markers. Just a reminder the Eaton Ferry Bridge is a No Wake zone.

We should have wonderful weather this weekend so let’s all enjoy this beautiful lake to ensure everyone gets home safely.

If you would like more water safety tips, please visit LakeGastonWaterSafetyCouncil.com.

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