It is important to be familiar with Lake Gaston Accident Reporting procedures and also know how to report boating violations. The information below was put together by the LGWSC to provide important phone numbers for accident reporting and boating violations.

** Note: All information listed below deemed reliable but not guaranteed and could change without notice.

Accident Reporting & Boating violations

  • NC Wildlife Resource Commission (NCWRC) - (919) 707-0049 or (800) 662-7137
  • Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) - (804) 367-1258 or (800) 237-5712

Sheriff Offices

  • Brunswick County, VA - (434) 848-3133 or (800) 848-3199
  • Mecklenburg County, VA - (434) 738-6171
  • Halifax County, NC - (252) 583-8521
  • Northampton County, NC - (252) 534-2611
  • Warren County, NC - (252) 257-3364

State Police

  • Virginia: (804) 674-2000 or (800) 552-0962 or #77 (cell) (VA Only)

Missing & Damage Buoys

  • Mile Markers - e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 919-302-6511. Also, call Dominion Generation - (252) 535-6161 (ext. 3)
  • Danger/Hazard Buoys in North Carolina - (919) 707-0150
  • Danger/Hazard Buoys in Brunswick County, VA - (434) 848-3107
  • Danger/Hazard Buoys in Mecklenburg County, VA - (434) 738-6191

**All contact information listed above deemed reliable but not guaranteed and could change without notice.

Using 911

All Lake Gaston North Carolina and Virginia counties have 911 service. The counties and States are not interconnected. In some cases services of Fire Departments and Rescue Squads overlap county jurisdictions and State lines. When using 911 you must clearly identify the location where assistance is needed (State, County, Town, Subdivision, Street, House number or area on the water). If possible, a person should be directed to stand at the roadside to flag down the emergency unit responding.

Use of Cell Phones for Emergency Purposes

Use of cell phones on or around the lake is spotty at best and is not suggested for emergency or 911 type of calls. If you must in an emergency, use a cell phone you need to determine which 911 area you have reached and you must be able to properly locate your position on the lake so the 911 service contacted can contact another agency if necessary.

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